reasons to be fit

1. for confidence

2. so i can look good bikinis

3. so guys will want to be more than friends

4. so i can share clothes with my friends 

5. so i can share clothes with my sister

6. so when i eat healthy food people don’t give me weird looks

7. so i can look amazing in clothes

8. so i can look amazing naked

9. so my clothes will be too big instead of too small

10. so i can look good in skinny jeans

11. pool parties

12. so at camp i can wear a sports bra and shorts like everyone else

13. so i can be better at sports 

14. so i can run farther and harder

15. so i wont be compared to my friends

16. so my dad stops giving crap for being fat

17. so i can wear tank tops 

18. so in the summer i can walk around in basically nothing 

19. so if a guy doesn’t like me i know it isn’t because im fat

20. so my weight doesn’t stop me from having fun

21. so i can fit more easily into roller coaster seats

22. so i can share seats with people

23. so i can look curvy for the right reasons 

24. so i can be a good example for my friends, family, and followers 

25. so i can play sports and not have to stress about me not being good enough

26. so people won’t judge me just cause I’m fat

27. so clothes can look good on me

28. so i can still look cute in sweatpants

29. so i don’t feel judged when i work out or talk to my friends about my workouts

30. so all my effort will be worth something